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How Do I Know SEO Will Work For My Inspection Business?

How would you feel if you went over to and typed in your services and saw your company pop up on the first page of the Google search result pages?

You would probably feel pretty excited and proud.


Most small business owners strive to have optimal Google placements, but don’t know who to trust to get them there, or how much to invest – or if it is even worth investing in.

Today we’re going to look at just that: How do I know my investment in SEO is going to benefit my company?

Let’s dive in

The biggest factor in determining this is the number of people searching for your “keywords.”

For example, if you were in Houston, how many people a month are typing in to Google “Houston Home Inspection.”

We have an extensive free training on our blog if you want to learn more about SEO keywords for inspectors. But let’s stay on track.

It’s simple, more searches per month equals more potential leads coming into your home inspection business.

Now it’s important to remember that not all those people searching will click on your website, and not all the people that click on your website will actually call you.

And even if they do call you, you still may not close the sale. We won’t dive into these variables because they are more technical than we need to get right now.

By determining how many searches a month you’re getting for your keywords, you’ll be able to predict if it is a wise investment, or not.

You can do this on your own with nothing more than a free plug-in.

It just takes a minute to install. if you’re using Chrome or Firefox, there’s a free plugin I like called Keywords Everywhere.

Once installed, all you need to do is type in variations of your keywords.

Here’s a short list to get you started, but you may also have other services you want to include.

Just make sure whatever keywords you use bring up businesses similar to yours in Google when they’re typed in.

Example keywords:

Home inspection houston
House inspection houston
Houston inspection
Home inspection houston tx
House inspection houston tx


home inspection houston 1,600 searches a month
house inspection houston 90 searches a month
houston inspection 720 searches a month
home inspection houston tx 320 searches a month
house inspection houston tx 30 searches a month

That comes out to a total of 2760 searches a month.

Now, there are two simple ways to get an idea of what your ultimate ROI will be.

ROI projection strategies

The first one is comparing it to similar Adwords costs.

The second is an estimation of new revenue from this exposure.

ROI Calculation #1: Adwords comparison

Let’s take 2760 (searches a month) and take 10% of it. This assumes that after you’re placed optimally on page 1 for these keywords, 10% of all the people searching for these terms will land on your website.

10% of 2760 equals 276.

Then multiply 276 by the average cost per click (the Keywords Everywhere plugin tool will tell you this when you look up the search volumes.)

Let’s say the average is $6 per click.

This means that the value of traffic per month is $1656 per month – if you were to pay Google (through Adwords) for the traffic.

This is just an estimate of course, and we are making assumptions, but it a valid way to get your head around what you’re actually paying for when it comes to SEO.

ROI Calculation #2: Projected closed deals

Now, the second method is to calculate it based on projected closed deals you get from your search engine traffic.

We’ll use the numbers from our first example and pretend 276 people visited the website. 5% of those people called your company and you closed them. Let’s say your inspections run $300 a pop. (Again, I am being very conservative across the board.)

We simply take 5% of 276, and multiply it by 300.

This means your traffic would be worth $4140 in new revenue to your business each month.


Those are the two strategies I use when explaining Return On Investment to business owners – and while neither are ever 100% accurate, they’ve proven to be viable enough to continue to use.

While tracking this stuff is a bit bloated, you can do the majority of it through Google Analytics.

The biggest factor in getting lots of internet leads is having a website that actually builds trust.

You need this before you do SEO – otherwise, you’re putting the cart before the horse.  If you have a great SEO placement, but no one calls your business, you’ve just pissed away time or money getting there.

And worse? The changes you need to increase your “conversion rate” may drop you down in the search engines if they’re significant.

It’s why we have a premium training showiung home inspectors exactly what to add to their website, what pages to have and also how to structure it for future SEO potential.

The content we go over is “non developer” friendly, and is intended for inspectors that want to build their own SEO and “conversion” friendly website. Basically, a website that will actually turn a website browser into a customer. If you want to learn more, just click here.

Hope you got something from today’s post.

Have you ever paid for SEO? Did you get a ROI? Post below your experience to help other inspectors make informed decisions.

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