Why Your Home Inspection Website Will Never Generate You Consistent Booked Inspections...

Read this to see why this simple but effective website tactic will generate you more booked inspections

Websites are expensive... so are web developers if you need anything big changed on the site after it has been delivered

Adding things like new pages to the website seem to cost an arm and a leg

Yet, after the website is built already... adding new pages isn't that hard to do, granted your website is modern

The problem with a lot of home inspection websites is that they are missing the pages and content needed to make a website viewer comfortable and confident that you're the right choice - and ultimately schedule an inspection with you and your company

If you're missing these pages or content, generally a person will check out your website, then head back to Google and find a more informative website

AKA your competitor

You might as well be promoting your competitors if you're not giving your potential clients all the information they require before they're going to feel comfortable to reach out and book their inspection... 

So how do you fix this revenue-costing issue faced by so many newer home inspectors?

You need to hit three things out of the park in the competitive world of getting booked home inspections online:

  1. Provide all the information your potential home inspection client needs before they feel comfortable buying from you or contacting you
  2. Sell yourself, and your company by displaying best practice "trust factors" on your website (avoid selling them on the inspection... they ALREADY KNOW THEY NEED THAT!)
  3. Structure your website in a "user friendly" manner so that your prospect can find exactly what they need as fast as possible... or risk losing them to your better-marketed competitor 

Alright, that's great - how do I do it...

You simply need to mimic what's already proven to work.

Back when we were an "all service" agency, we would do research into the most successful companies across the country in that same industry, and then mimic (not plagiarize) their approach

You could do this, too...

Or, you can check out our training built specifically for home inspectors and built from our experience in getting business owners new business through their websites...

We've put together a first-of-its-kind video training on this exact topic that reveals the exact methods we use on our clients...

The content in this video course is taken from our experience getting results for our clients and speaks directly to the issues you as a home inspector face, not some generic type training

We specifically address home inspection issues

And it is built for home inspectors that aren't website wizards... you can simply follow along as we show you what buttons to press and give you content ideas/strategies

Inspectors are smart, but we've done our best to remove the "thinking" aspects of this method, so you can just copy our proven methods...

Also, it is built for new inspectors - or part timer inspectors, that don't have thousands of dollars to pour into their website marketing... which is why we've priced it at just $37...

And the best part?

There's a 100% money back guarantee, no questions asked if you request a refund in the first 30 days after purchase. 

No. Questions. Asked.

How can we do this? Because we know you'll benefit from this, and are confident in our product's ability to generate you a whole lot more than $37.  

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