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Non-technical Home Inspection SEO Tactic

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a nice addition to any home inspector’s marketing plan.

That said, SEO has changed drastically over the years – and some websites are simply behind the times still using what used to work.

Although SEO can be complicated, it’s getting easier with each passing year if you keep up to date.

The reason is simple – it’s getting harder to game the system, and Google is rewarding high quality content.

Now, we’re going to skip all of the basics like getting your NAP dialed in, getting listed in directories, getting inbound links, setting up your Google My Business, setting your website up with keywords etc. – that said, this all still applies.

At the end of the day… that information is widely available and won’t make you stand out because everybody knows to do this.

That’s why I’m going to dig into this tactic that allows my clients to enjoy tons of predictable website traffic that actually converts into customers.

The most important thing you need to know right now for SEO:

Google ranks websites based on “relevance.”

Relevancy refers to the closest piece of content that matches up with what the Google user typed into the search box.

Let’s look at a couple basic examples and then look at it from a home inspector’s point of view.

Let’s pretend these three websites about cats exist:

Website #1 is a website about the best cat food.

Website #2 is a website about the best cat food for hypoallergenic cats.

Website #3 is a website about the best cat food for house cats.

Best cat food is very generic and broad. There are lots of websites offering this information.

On the other hand, websites about the best cat food for hypoallergenic cats or house cats will be less in numbers.

If someone searches for “Best cat food for hypoallergenic cats” and there is a website or web page specifically speaking about the best cat food for hypoallergenic cats – it’ll likely rank above a much more “powerful” website that is just about a non-specific type of cats’ food.

You can use this to help your ideal customers find you online, and get to the top of the search engine pages faster.

Most home inspectors will optimize their website’s home page for all their keywords.

Because they do that, this gives you a massive advantage.

Let’s say you have a competitor that is ranking their home page for the terms ‘residential home inspector,’ ‘commercial inspector,’ and ‘real estate inspector’ for your city in Google.

You can easily compete and ultimately out rank them by creating pages for each of these terms on your website – each page would be highly optimized for each ‘category’ of keywords.

If Google encounters a person in your geographic area typing in search terms relating to these keywords, they will favor the most specific content.

There are two more incredible perks to this strategy:

  1. You can easily optimize each individual page for a set of related keywords. For example, we all know the URL of a page and the “title tag” are important for SEO – by having these available for each individual keyword, you’ll be able to out-optimize a homepage-only optimized site with these technical SEO advantages.
  2. You know exactly who will find your page. If someone types in real estate inspection and you followed this strategy, they’re going to get served your real estate specific web page. This allows you to speak directly to this target customer. Perhaps you want to advertise specific things on this page that wouldn’t be relevant or appropriate to advertise to every person entering your website. This helps you turn more website visitors into active customers!

Try this out on your website and let me know how it goes. I’ve had great success with this over and over and it is something that I share with people learning SEO as it was one of the biggest “aha” moments in my career.

If you want to get fancy, you can also set up Facebook retargeting on a page-specific level. But we’ll save that discussion for another day…

About the Author Andrew McBurney

Andrew is an SEO expert and digital marketing enthusiast. His knowledge of SEO coupled with his social work background makes him an excellent candidate to help YOU get to the top of your industry's search engine results pages.