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Facebook™ Ads for Home Inspectors: More Inspections at a Low Cost

Have you ever noticed that after visiting a site, you see more of their brand’s advertisements on your Facebook™ feed?

It’s not paranoia – this is a modern marketing technique that has a really high success rate coupled with a very low cost rate.

In this article I’m going to show you a method to increase your booked inspections from online sources, using a cost effective online advertising tactic.

What I am referring to is Facebook™ Remarketing.

Basically, it allows you to show ads on the Facebook™ platform to people that have visited your website recently.

Aka – when they’re very likely in a “buyer” mindset. 

Let’s take a look at a few important aspects for the average home inspector to take into account.

  1. What’s the benefit of remarketing?
  2. Is remarketing affordable?
  3. How do I do remarketing?

What’s the Benefit of Remarketing?

The biggest benefit is it gives you a chance to directly speak to someone that has been on your website recently.

Often times, people browse websites before making a call or purchase.

Perhaps they were given your card along with a few others from their real estate agent.

Perhaps they found you on Google, or from a local ad.

Regardless of how they found you, they probably looked at your website… and then proceeded to look at every single competitor in sight as well.

By showing them an ad after they’ve just looked at 10 services that are all offering a similar service – it gives you an opportunity to stand out and be the service provider they go with. 

Think about it like this…

Traffic + Website + Remarketing = Added Growth Potential of your business.

If you’re already getting website visitors, remarketing can reach them again and help nurture them into becoming a customer.

It also gives you an opportunity to offer them some sort of incentive to take action.

Maybe a simple “Call in the next 24 hours to take advantage of infrared scanning for free” – or something along those lines.

Or, just show them an ad with your brand on it. Remind them that you exist and are ready to help them.

If you don’t have Remarketing setup, you’re losing out on business

Another way is to take the “helpful” route – show them a blog post that you know the typical person looking for your service would find helpful.

Whatever way you go, you need to make sure the ad adds value to the customer, stands out to them and ultimately makes them take action and call your business. (See our Remarketing Ad Formula for detailed instructions.)

Where you’ll have some sort of “call to action” – basically, a big fat button with your phone number on it.

Alright, I’m rambling.

Is Remarketing Affordable?


Because you only show your ads to people that have visited your website, the volume is very low, and the interest is high.

If you cut through the techno-babble, all this means is you get a higher percentage of people buying at a lower cost than you would with other forms of advertising.

Another big factor as to why it is so much cheaper is because you’re providing the “targeting” to the ad space provider (Facebook™.)

You’re just telling them “Hey, show my ad to this person.”

How do I do Remarketing on Facebook™?

There’s four distinct steps to setting up a retargeting ad. And bare with me – it may sound complicated but it’s actually very easy to do and well worth your time as a business owner.

If you’re a DIYer, here are the steps:

First step: Get setup for Facebook™ ads (Facebook™.com/ads/manager)

Second step: Setup and add your Facebook™ “pixel” to your website

Third step: Set up a “custom audience” in your Facebook™ Ads manager.

Fourth step: Create the ad within your Facebook™ Ads manager.

Fifth step: Turn the ad on

You only need this set up once and then you can easily switch this on or off as you like, for that specific ad.

Alright that’s it.

You can get super creative with this remarketing stuff. You can use it to target people that have visited specific pages on your site even! Hint: There’s an incredible strategy to connect with real estate professionals if you get creative.
Questions? Comments? Feel free to post below to get in touch. Good luck!


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