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Low and no cost Facebook Marketing Techniques

Facebook is a powerful tool to grow a business, and a home inspection business is no different.

Using the right approach is important to effectively use this platform as a business growth tool.

In this post we’re going to discuss two effective and specific ways to leverage Facebook to benefit your overall business’ success online.

Before we jump in

As with everything, there are right and wrong ways to do something.

Facebook is no different.

Facebook is a place to network, not shove your service offerings down the throats of every sorry sucker you come across.

You look like an amateur when you do this.

Should you be advertising your services?


But use discretion, and always lead with value.

From a customer perspective, Facebook is used in two major ways:

  • As a search engine to find people and companies they’re interested in doing business with and research them prior to contacting them
  • A place to hang out and interact with other people in a relaxed manner

Real estate agents may be more business minded when on Facebook, as they commonly use this platform to network on.

Still, lead with value don’t just ask for business up front.

Alright, enough lecturing

In this post we’re going to discuss three strategies and how they can specifically be used to generate more business for your company.

These strategies are:

  1. Facebook Groups
  2. Facebook Remarketing
  3. Facebook Business Pages

Facebook groups

Facebook groups are becoming a common way to engage with other people on Facebook.

This is powerful, and from a marketing perspective is actually a fairly new concept.

When it comes to groups, don’t just go into Facebook groups to spam your services.

You’ll get kicked out and you won’t get any business out of it.

Worse yet, you’ll look like a total dummy.

Go into these Facebook groups with a mind for being helpful., and offer that value consistently over time.

If you play the short game in your personal and business networking and are expecting to thrive, you probably need to rethink your entire approach to business ownership.

No offense.

Types of Groups 

There are groups for just about everything under the sun on Facebook.

We only care about the ones that are going to contain people that may need your services.

To find these groups, use the search function.

Just type in the types of things we will discuss in a minute to find relevant Facebook groups.

Real Estate & Agent Groups

Find relevant real estate focused groups to join and become active in.

They’re generally networking friendly.

You can find groups specifically about available listings in your area, agent to agent networking, Q&A forums for new home buyers, investor networking, mortgage related etc.

See what is out there for your local area and be sure to network with direct-client prospects as well as agents.

You may also want to try to get into marketing related groups that cater to agents.

These will likely have hungry real estate agents that are more inclined to network with active business owners.

Get creative.

Here’s an example for a Dallas Real Estate Investor group I found after a 20 second Facebook search:


Buy and Sell Groups

Find local Buy and Sell Groups on Facebook and stay active in them and get to know the members.

These are groups where locals buy, sell and trade used items.

These can be a hotbed of people that are quick to refer people they like.

If you can display your expertise on home maintenance, saving money in real estate etc. you can position yourself as the go-to authority.

If you can get your name out there as the go-to home inspector you’ll actually get tagged by people if somebody asks about a home inspection or real estate related question.  

You can also occasionally post home inspection offers in these types of groups because of the the commerce nature of them.

Garage Sale Groups

These groups are useful because sometimes when somebody’s having a garage sale it means that they’re moving.

Keep an eye out and don’t be afraid to touch base with people that are hosting sales strategically.

Remember to add value and don’t just plug your services over and over.

Local Groups

Local networking groups are a good place to find other networking-friendly people in your community.

A strategy to get noticed here is to tag people in the group when people post relevant content or questions.

For example, tagging a local mortgage broker that is in the group if someone asks a mortgage question can be a good way to stand out to the broker and engage them.

I’m beating dead horse at this point, but lead with value to stand out.

Answer questions, be helpful and don’t just plug your services and never show your face again.

Start Your Own Group

You can even start your own group.

This is a great way to gain authority and influence within your community.

Think of how you can tap into your skill sets while providing real genuine value to others in your community.

Also, keep the audience in mind.

You want to ideally position yourself in front of people that will be buying or selling a home.

You can also team up with a local real estate agent, mortgage broker, loan officer and credit repair person.

These are all people that have similar interests as you, and serve the same market.

Get creative, but for example you could start a group called “First Time Home Buyers Forum” and steadily bring in people looking to buy their first home.

Then when you have them there, deliver a ton of helpful information so they remember you when they need an inspection.

Facebook  Retargeting

Retargeting (also known as remarketing) is an online marketing tactic that is relatively cutting edge.

Not a ton of business owners know this exists, so when you have it set up you immediately stand out from the crowd.

Facebook Retargeting may sound complicated, but it is VERY simple:

It gives you the ability to show a Facebook Sponsored Ad to somebody that lives in your service area and has just visited your website.

It’s that simple, and the results are wonderful.

It gives you the power to automatically follow up with people (website visitors) that you wouldn’t have otherwise had the chance to communicate with.

Consider this.

A home buyer finds a home they love.

They want to buy it, and live in it with their family.

They want to make it their home.

But – they need a real estate inspection.

Their real estate agent gives them a list of local inspectors.

Their uncle tells them who they used.

Great aunt Sue tells her the company she used 15 years ago.

And then they get to researching.

They want to find a qualified inspector they can trust and offers outstanding value for their price.

They head to all the different websites of the suggested inspectors.

They type in “home inspection company” into an online search engine and start browsing the different companies that show up in the various online directory websites (like Yelp) as well as directly in the search results.

Maybe they’re calling inspectors on the spot and asking for quotes.

Maybe they’re writing down the stand out companies on a notepad to call later.

Regardless of how they’re doing this:

They’re being bombarded with people claiming they’re the best person for the job.

Now, imagine if this same person, after getting completed swamped with information about home inspections goes onto their Facebook account to kick and relax.

And then see this on their Facebook…

Oh, look at that… a Sponsored Ad that speaks directly to their problems & needs and helps them decide on who to call.

Remember that sales saying “The money is in the follow up”?

Well, this is no different.

By showing a hyper-relevant and hyper-targeted advertisement to this prospective home inspection client, you can immediately begin to stand out from the plethora of other inspection companies.

It also positions you as a cutting edge company because chances are none of the other inspection companies have taken the time to set this up for their company, or even know it is an option to set up.

And the best part?

Because you know exactly who you’re talking to with these targeted ads (the person that visited your website aka that person looking for an inspection), you can clearly communicate the BEST and MOST POWERFUL reasons why they should choose you.

Having this opportunity allows you to break away from the “race to the bottom” heard (aka, competing on price and price alone) by positioning positive reviews and unique selling propositions in front of them early in their decision making process.

AND it likely gives you the ability to reach these people BEFORE they talk to the cheapest inspector in town and pull the trigger on who to hire.

Don’t forget: People buy on perceived value.

This unique & very affordable way of showing relevant ads to your prospective clients is an excellent, and effective, way to help them make the best possible choice…

Hiring YOU to be their trusted home inspector.

Alright, that’s it for today

Get to work and start implementing Facebook Remarketing & Facebook Groups into your marketing plan.

Good luck!

And if you want to get in touch feel free to use the following form:

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