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Agent Marketing for New Home Inspectors

Today’s post is aimed at newer inspectors, and is going to mark the first post in our “agent focused” series.

I’ll be honest… we’re not covering anything ground breaking today.

If you’re already running a successful home inspection business, don’t waste your time.

Heck – we’re not even talking from our area of expertise today!

But this stuff is super important. So much that we felt the need to touch on it before diving in.

Our agent marketing series will soon be back inline with our “digital” theme – and we’ll be showing you some pretty cool ways to leverage your website, facebook ads, emails and social media to better connect with agents, build rapport and ultimately – get leads.

We even had one of Coldwell Banker’s Realtors® tell us exactly what makes an inspector stand out to her, how a new inspector can get called from her, why she continues working with inspectors – and even how she chose to work with her first inspector when she was new!

Alright, let’s dive in

Now, ask yourself…

What would your inspection calendar look like if you had real estate agents calling you on a regular basis needing inspections for their buyers?

It’d probably look a lot more full than it currently looks.

Meaning more revenue for you, and a more successful business.

The sad reality is that after putting in so much time to get in front of agents, most inspectors don’t get a shot, and if they do they don’t get a callback.

Unless your inspection really was sub par, which is unlikely because if you’re reading this website you care about your business, then the agent was likely unhappy with the outcome in some way.

Does that mean you did a “bad” inspection?

Probably not.

Agents can be your best friend, but you need to treat them right.

There are agents out there that will only work with inspectors that consistently deliver overly soft reports.

You don’t want to get caught up with these people. When their ship sinks, you’ll go down with it.

An ethical and high-quality agent wants you to do a good job for their client, just like they want to do a good job for their client.

And let’s be real, they’re not going to get on the roof! They need you!

That doesn’t mean they want you to pick apart the house, and then deliver it in a raw, unrealistic and unflattering manner, and kill their deal.

Unless the house really is worth running away from!

Realtors put a lot of efforts into their job, and if they can’t trust their inspector won’t shoot their deal dead on the spot, they won’t call them.

Simple as that.

Now, I cannot stress enough, this does not mean you need to leave things out of your report. That would put you at risk.

In fact, I’m not telling you how to inspect at all.

You’re the expert!

But remember, unless you’ve partnered with an unethical agent, there’s no reason to think the agent is trying to pull a fast one on their client and run off with the commission money.

Much like the home inspection industry, real estate is also a referral business.

The fix here is simple. It’s a mindset shift.

Don’t come into the inspection with a bias of “All agents are out to rip off their clients, and it is going to be at my expense due to liability issues.” (Be honest, you’ve thought this.)

Come in with an objective mindset, one that is cured from bias, and stays focused on the task at hand: inspecting the property to the benefit of your client, the home buyer (or otherwise.)

Combining this objectivity with a smooth delivery, one that has an intention behind the tone, can mean the agent making the sale, and ultimately, getting your client into the house of their dreams.

“Yeah, that’s great Andrew… but…”

I can hear some of you newer inspectors rolling your eyes right now (don’t ask me how.)

I know… doesn’t actually help you get in front of agents to get the damn inspection in the first place. 

Or does it?

It actually does.

We can use this information in our marketing.

We can position ourselves as ethical, objective home inspectors, that look to serve their clients at the highest level, and make it strategically known that we only work with other ethical, high quality professionals, such as real estate agents.

The next time you have the ear of an agent, strategically weave these concept into the conversation. (I know, I probably sound like a manipulative bastard right now.)

The next time you have the ear of an office, bring up an example of that time you didn’t kill the deal, even though there was an issue. Because you told your client about it in an objective and personable manner, that didn’t make them feel overwhelmed and scared – if in reality, it really wasn’t a deal killer.

As a new inspector, you also have a huge advantage against more established inspectors. (Sorry more established guys – but it is true!)

You likely have more time to

  1. actively market your business and
  2. a willingness to learn the technology that’ll really make you stand out from other inspectors that only markets to agents through flyers, donuts, business cards and presentations. (I talk about this concept in our 4-video training series. We show you some strategies where you can leverage your website to better communicate your value to agents here.)

However, I am going on a tangent now, and much like you, I need to maintain my objectivity. (We’re going to deep dive into some awesome (and easy/low cost) tactics on how to really market yourself to agents by using the internet in the near future.)

Alright, that’s it. I hope I have conveyed the importance of maintain your objectivity while at inspections, and the importance of your tone when delivering the report to your client.

Well… if creating meaningful, profitable and symbiotic relationships with the real estate agents in your area is important to you.

Be sure to check out our new video series and let me know if it was helpful on Facebook (or what I can change.) Always love to connect with new inspectors!

Good luck!

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Andrew is an SEO expert and digital marketing enthusiast. His knowledge of SEO coupled with his social work background makes him an excellent candidate to help YOU get to the top of your industry's search engine results pages.