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Infuriating, isn’t it?

I’m talking about online marketing. Getting yourself noticed. The infinite directions you could take…while 69,000GB of new content is uploaded every second.

In 2015, I jumped into this crazy world head-first. 

I marched into my boss’s office and said, “I quit!”

My colleagues were dumbstruck. I’d spent years securing this steady job in social care. “The salary…the benefits…the pension…Why quit?”

“Just you wait,” I replied. “In 6 months I’ll be telling this story on Instagram. ‘26-year-old punk builds $multi-million online enterprise,’ it’ll say. And I’ll be climbing into a private jet.”

“You’re a fool,” they said.

It turns out they were right.

I packed my bags for Thailand; the start of my new ‘laptop lifestyle.’ It wasn’t until I crossed the Pacific that I realised…

…“My hard-drive!” I’d left it in Canada.


Everything was on that hard-drive. Already I felt like a hopeless failure.

And that was only Mistake #1…

I wasted 12 months applying crappy information.

I crawled through the labyrinth of online marketing gurus, and blew a fortune on overpriced “Masterminds” and training material.

I had to pivot. And fast. But where?

Everything I tried delivered more of the same. Nothing ever worked.

Is it the same for you?

Look: If you ever feel like you’re getting nowhere, you are not alone. Whatever you’re trying to do online – whether it’s marketing your inspection business, building your agent network, or simply figuring out what to focus on…

…You WILL reach roadblocks which make you want to quit.

What matters is the small decision you take next

For me it meant returning to Canada.

I left the polished Instaglam world of online business. I got to know other entrepreneurs and small-business owners. Many of them had lost thousands on rip-off marketing agencies.

After so many failures of my own, I realised I could help these people. I could make online marketing simple. Profitable. And I used my social-care experience to restore their sense of belief.

When their results came in, I was blown away…


Home Inspector

Nicholas Peres - Owner of Veritas Inspections

... he has been extremely trustworthy and has always been prompt in communication and completing work. I consider myself fortunate to have found Andrew. Seriously, 10 stars.


Home Inspector

Torry Dorsey - Owner of Home Technology Inspections

Amazing. Has to be the best thing I have ever done advertising wise. Thank You. Any other tricks up your sleeves?


Home Inspector

Sol Kruk - Owner of Property Inspection Pros

... He is extremely knowledgeable in his field, honest, trustworthy, an excellent communicator and now a good friend. I highly recommend his services to anyone serious about growing their business!

Now I want to help you

Maybe you’ve reached a wall.

You’re throwing a bunch of stuff at it, hoping something will stick.

Or maybe you’re just now getting started online. You have no clue where to begin.

Whatever your problem, I want to get you the breakthrough you’ve been longing for. To give you the fast, definitive answers needed to make the right decision.

And to take action now.

Will you hold me to this promise?

If so, I would love to hear from you.

Please, introduce yourself here. Tell me your biggest challenge and how I can help. I read every message personally, and I will get back to you.


Andrew McBurney